The Future
Is Ultimate ♾️

We're on a mission to transform the way people interact.

The ultimate sports universe; you will like the content, but you’ll love the inside jokes if you’ve seen it all ...

We bring you ultimate entertainment through different channels, leagues and events. Powered by storytellers, creators and crews around the world. Join the Ultiverse!

📺 Ulti.TV
The ULTIMATE online tv channel

Stories that grow Ultimate as a worldwide sport.

When creators already rip everything from the internet we will provide support for people to create, remix and distribute ultimate frisbee content everywhere so that the sport can grow.

Not only will we make progressive positive international propaganda that creates and amplifies stories from people of diverse backgrounds. We will also enable creators to make their best work. We will provide high view camera's, streaming equipment so that everyone can cover games.

The most DIVERSE and FAIR league in the world

Colliding cultures like the Euro♥ision of sports

In a world where sports money is unevenly distributed and where women and men are unfairly represented UltiLeague will be the new narrative in sports.

UltiLeague will be carried by the community and it will be attractive for commercial sponsors to support players, teams, regions and the league as a whole.

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